HAGAPLAN provides specialized technical services in Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning and Strategic Management. The premises of its Integrated Management System Policy are:

  1. The company must be efficient and healthy, with a long-term perspective
  2. Effective and differentiated performance in the market
  3. Continuous improvement in all activities
  4. Meeting customer needs and expectations
  5. Commitment to the growth of employees and partners, preserving the quality of life and investing in training and employability
  6. Commitment to the health and safety of its employees, providing adequate working conditions, compliance with requirements, elimination of hazards, risk reduction, always consulting and encouraging the participation of its employees in matters related to occupational health and safety.
  7. Social responsibility and commitment to environmental sustainability, protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and other commitments related to the organization's processes.
  8. Respect for current legislation for the exercise of activities.
  1. To guarantee satisfactory financial results
  2. Efficient resources allocation
  3. To increase the number of the main clients
  4. To achieve a high level of the clients’ needs
  5. To gain new clients
  6. To build employees capacity
  7. To ensure the Internal and External partners` recognition and satisfaction
  8. To reduce environmental impacts and operational risks
  9. To identify and to obey the Legislation in Force