Slum upgrading is a multidisciplinary task that involves several questions about urban and residential infrastructures aside from social action.

The slum upgrading is the transformation of a whole community. It generates resources that will encourage people to change habits and a new reality to be built.

HAGAPLAN has a team composed by experienced social assistants ready to work together with the clients and the community. They complement the work done by the architects and urbanists in search of the best solution for the community.

The slum upgrading`s plans, studies, projects, strategic management, supervision and services performed by HAGAPLAN include:

  • Landholding regularization;
  • Displacement and resettlement of families;
  • Urban Planning;
  • Municipal Plans of Social Concerns;

HAGAPLAN also performs technical assessment for the implementation of programs and projects, as in the urban development. This includes:

  • Social Action Plan;
  • Social Plan to Support Social Development;
  • Social Plan for Construction Site Follow-ups and Maintenance;
  • Social Plan of Relocation, Resettlement and Displacement of Families; and
  • Social Plan of Environmental and Health Education.

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