The problem of transport and urban mobility goes beyond the well-known traffic congestion found on large metropolitan areas in Brazil. The solutions pass through the comprehension of the three pillars of relevant impact on living conditions of the whole population in Brazil:

Economic: increased product prices for lack of structure to their distribution.

Environmental: emission of toxic gases, increase of the greenhouse effect and consumption of natural resources by lack of other sustainable alternatives of displacement and distribution;

Social: Low quality of life of the population affected by time and displacement conditions;

To set up such problems, HAGAPLAN seeks innovative, creative and differentiated solutions to meet its clients and the whole society`s needs by means of plans, studies, project, strategic management, supervision, and services in:

  • Accessibility;
  • Bicycle paths;
  • Country roads – functional, geometric, earth moving, paving and signposts;
  • Road system – functional, geometric, earth moving, paving and signposts;
  • Bus corridors;
  • Bus terminals;
  • Special Urban Structures;
  • Recovery of roads, special structures and slopes;
  • Public Transport Management;
  • Urban Mobility Management.

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