HAGAPLAN provides a full range of services relating to Water Supply Systems through the working up of plans, studies, projects, strategic management and supervision. HAGAPLAN professionals strive to create planning solutions based on the principles of sustainability and preservation of natural resources.

Our team is uniquely qualified to build proper solutions to improve the efficiency of the water resource use. This allows the development of Water Supply Systems and its better use. It offers improvements not only to the clients, but also to the environment and the society.

HAGAPLAN services include:

  • Raw Water Collection System;
  • Raw Water Supply System;
  • Raw water Pumping Stations;
  • Water treatment Systems ;
  • Treated water Supply System;
  • Reservation Systems;
  • Water Distribution System;
  • Sectorization;
  • Strategic Management and Plans for Reducing Losses;
  • Strategic Management and Plans for Development and Operational Optimization;

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