HAGAPLAN is proud to be in sustainable projects, which transform thousands of lives in Brazil. Between October 2009 and December 2012, our company has implemented the Infrastructure Program to Low-Income Areas in the Metropolitan Region of Recife (PE), the “Prometropole”.

The dream of having a decent house with quality of life has started to become reality to the 55.590 low-income inhabitants of the 20.982 residences in the Basin of Beberibe, between Recife and Olinda.
Our multidisciplinary team has come to the area in order to promote urban developments by means of local infrastructure integrated actions. The Social Work has improved the habitation conditions and promoted the communitarian development. It has helped to reduce poverty and improve the environmental quality of the area. Public service expansions and improvements as well as integration of urban networks of the city are also included on better performance solutions.

HAGAPLAN`s employees have gathered administration, hiring management, planning, supervision and divulgation of the program. Our team has also offered legal advice, social and financial follow-up, supervision of the communitarian strengthen actions and environmental education as well as the support and supervision of Infrastructure actions and works.

The World Bank (BIRD) finances the “Prometropole”. It was a Pernambuco State Government initiative performed in collaboration with the Pernambuco Research and Planning State Agency (Condepe/Fidem), Pernambuco`s Sanitation Company (Compensa) and other administration bodies of the Recife and Olinda City Halls.

Financiado pelo Banco Mundial (BIRD), o Prometropole foi uma iniciativa do Governo do Estado de Pernambuco, executado em cooperação com a Agência Estadual de Planejamento e Pesquisas de Pernambuco (Condepe/Fidem), Companhia Pernambucana de Saneamento (Compensa) e com diversos órgãos da administração direta e indireta das Prefeituras de Recife e de Olinda.