The regular treated water supply is essential to all municipalities. The HAGAPLAN team has expertise to know deeply the solutions for the cities to regularize the water supply, whatever the city dimensions are. Our company was responsible for the Water Supply Master Plan in Guarulhos (PDSA) in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, which is the second largest municipality of São Paulo with more than 1.2 million inhabitants.

Our team has identified the main water supply system disabilities on the area. A detailed survey has mapped the areas with no water and the water rotation areas. Based on these data, our team has offered solutions to cover the population demands until 2025.

The Plan presents the best conditions for the proper system operation, including the increase of the tanks and the appropriate treated water distribution. It also allows the rotation reduction and puts and end to the lack of treated water in all neighborhoods in Guarulhos.

The Water and Waterwaste Autonomous Service (SAAE) have implanted the solutions offered by our multidisciplinary team since 2004. These works have already permitted the improvement of the treated water reservation capacity to more than 50%, from 84.250 m³ to 128.150m³.