A HAGAPLAN has become an international reference for quality on behalf of its portfolio of works that have changed the lives of millions of Brazilians. “Programa Mananciais” is one of them.

Alongside the Guarapiranga and Billings Dams, which are responsible for the water supply to 4.7 million inhabitants of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, approximately one million people used to live at serious risks. The environmental degradation used to give sub-human conditions to the lives of the inhabitants.

Our team`s work together with the support of the São Paulo City Hall and the Federal and State Governments have made it possible to change that reality by promoting the conservation and the environmental sanitation of the dams, controlling the disordered occupation on the spring areas and developing social and environmental recuperation actions nearby.

The profound changes have led the World Bank to highlight the “Programa Mananciais”as a reference. Since the beginning of the program in 1994, more than 150 thousand families have already been benefited either with new residences or with urban development, infrastructure works and interventions on risk areas.

It has already been invested 1.6 millions (R$) and it is expected more 2.8 billions (R$) until 2015 in order to implement and improve sanitation systems, water supply, stream channeling, development of alleys and streets as well as the construction of leisure areas.

“Programa Mananciais”, accomplished by HAGAPLAN, reassure the possibility of the balance between the environment preservation and the development and well being of the population on big cities.