The project developed by HAGAPLAN to the Pirapama System in Cabo de Santo Agostinho in the Metropolitan Area of Recife (RMR-PE), has solved the problem of water scarcity that 3 million people had been facing for more than two decades.

The new system has extended to 50% the RMR`s water production. It supplies now 5,13m³/second. The project has considerably improved the population`s life condition in Recife, Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Cabo de Santo Agostinho and, indirectly, the inhabitants of São Lourenço da Mata and Camaragibe.

This project has taken into consideration the important variables of that region, specially regarding the magnitude of the system, as it is one of the biggest water systems in Brazil. The solutions had been presented to the competent bodies and the whole project has been performed in three stages – the last one was completed in November 2011.

The new system has brought to an end the water rotation on the flat area in Recife. The high topography regions are now getting additional works so the Pirapama water can go further to those regions.